Mindfulness in Action

Learning mindfulness and meditation with experienced instructors, you’ll develop calm and focus, whatever’s happening in your life

Mindfulness helps …

Mindfulness lets you take care of your mind so you can respond better to what life brings.

Backed by research and approved by the NHS for some conditions, mindfulness opens up a more spacious way of living, helping you feel more confident, relax more easily and be more fully present. 

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Learn meditation

The meditation practices you’ll learn on a mindfulness course are simple to learn. By focusing on the breath and the body, you can access your natural capacity to be calmer and more aware


Live mindfully

Mindfulness means being more aware of your experience, without judgement. That’s a key to living with more appreciation and a greater sense of choice. Mindfulness can help you find the mental space to respond better to life’s challenges and work effectively with stress, anxiety or depression

About Us

Our vision is offering mindfulness and the values that support it for the whole of society.

As mindfulness teachers and practitioners, we’ve learned that, taught well,  mindfulness practice is empowering and liberating. Since 2010 we’ve taught around 100 mindfulness courses, mostly in Cardiff, where we’re based.

We work with individuals, companies, organisations, schools, hospitals and community groups across South Wales and beyond. We’re leaders in bringing mindfulness to prisons and probation settings, teacher training and public policy.


On an eight week mindfulness course you’ll learn simple meditation practices and open up alternative ways of responding to what happens in your life. You’ll explore your experience in an atmosphere of trust, guided by an experienced and qualified mindfulness teacher.

Mindfulness can help whether you want to live life more fully or you’re working with difficulties such as stress, anxiety and depression.

Venue Cardiff Buddhist Centre, St Peters St, Roath, Cardiff CF24 3BA

Cost Evening: £190 (waged), £125 (unwaged)

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8 Week Courses

8 Wednesday Evenings in Porthcawl 6:30-8:30 May 17 - July 5

8 Thursday Evenings in Roath 6:30-8:30 May 18 - July 6

Places are available on these courses

Follow On Events

Practice Morning 9:30 - 1:00, 25 March

Continuation course April 20 - May 4


Mindfulness can help people manage a wide range of challenges. We offer training in collaboration with organisations working  in the community. We’re specialists in bringing mindfulness into the criminal justice system, Education and public policy. 


Mindfulness can help staff and leaders manage stress. It opens up ways to work more creatively, reflectively and harmoniously. That supports innovation, effectiveness and cohesion. We offer tasters, training days and courses in mindfulness for organisations and companies of all sizes.