One-to-One Coaching & Supervision


Mindfulness coaching sessions let you work flexibly, exploring mindfulness in a way that suits you, whether you are new to mindfulness or already have an established practice and, whatever you’re working with: stress, depression, anxiety or deepening mindfulness practice with an experienced teacher.

There’s time to reflect on the challenges you face in your life and explore how mindfulness can help you respond more helpfully and cope better.

One option is to go through an eight week course with Vishvapani over eight sessions; another is to explore mindfulness organically, focusing on the elements that are relevant to you right now.

Fee: £50/55 minute session in Cardiff.

We also offer one-to-one distance learning via phone or Skype

Vishvapani offers supervision for mindfulness trainers offering MBSR, MBCT and Breathworks

Contact us to learn more about what we offer by email; or call us on 07910 829084.

About Vishvapani

“I have practiced meditation and mindfulness since I was a teenager, taught mindfulness and meditation for 25 years. In recent years I’ve led over 80 mindfulness courses and worked with many people individually.

I am an Associate of Breathworks, a leading UK mindfulness organisation, and studied MBSR/MBCT with the University of Bangor’s Centre for Mindfulness.  I am an Associate of Breathworks Mindfulness,  the Mindfulness Initiative and the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group.”

As well as teaching mindfulness I am a writer. I’ve been a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day since 2006, and my biography of the Buddha: ‘Gautama Buddha: the Life and Teachings of the Awakened One’ was published in 2011.

Other recent projects include an online retreat for Tricycle Magazine and a programme of mindfulness courses for offenders with Probation Wales. 

I am strongly committed to my own practice of mindfulness and meditation and to sharing this with others. 


“Vishvapani is a very experienced and capable mindfulness instructor, having had a personal mindfulness practice for 30 years. He is empathetic and a very skilled teacher, combining intelligence and warmth with an ability to respond to the needs of different people.”
Vidyamala Burch, founder of Breathworks & author of ‘Mindfulness for Health’