Distance Learning: Coaching by Phone or Skype


Mindfulness coaching sessions allow you to work flexibly, exploring mindfulness in a way that suits you, whether you’re new to mindfulness or have an established practice. There’s time to reflect on the challenges in your life and explore how mindfulness can help you respond more helpfully and cope better

How it Works

We can work closely together and tailor the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course to your individual needs. If you are interested, please feel free to call Vishvapani on 07910 829 084 or email him at info@mindfulnessinaction.co.uk

You can also see Vishvapani personally for a one-to-one mindfulness session

Individual Sessions

You can arrange an individual session or series of sessions with Vishvapani. These might be right for you if you want some help with an issue you are facing, or want to have a taster, reconnect with mindfulness practice or take it further.

Taking a course

  • We’ll arrange a series of eight weekly 55-minute calls by phone at a time of day and starting on a date that’s mutually convenient.
  • We will send you the course workbook and two audio CDs. In the weekly sessions we’ll guide you through the course, introduce you to mindfulness practices and explore the issues that arise for you as you learn to apply mindfulness.
  • Home practice between sessions takes 30-50 minutes a day using the audio CDs and this is an important part of the course
  • You can contact Vishvapani by email if you have difficulties between sessions

The cost for an eight-session course is £400

Please contact us if you would like to arrange an individual session.

Vishvapani is usually available for distance learning sessions during working hours

“It was a course I have wanted to do for a while. It was incredibly important because of the sustained focus on techniques and practice over 8 weeks. Working one-to-one made the course even more valuable than I would have found group sessions, I think. The practice helped me build what I was learning into my life and, so far, it is sticking. On a practical level, it has been useful in terms of managing a couple of areas of life that are quite uncertain at the moment and has given me several options for re-energising when things start to feel overwhelming.”

Ellie, Third Sector Manager

“I have found the course tremendously useful in both my personal life and my professional life. It has helped me improve my relationships with my children, close family and friends whilst giving me new tools to use in my professional dealings with clients. The course has opened up my awareness to life, to the beauty and joy in the everyday things & people around me and to the excitement that is to be found in life. I will continue to use the tools I have learnt with Vishvapani and look forward to expanding my awareness even further and making more wonderful discoveries.”

Jo (trainer)

About Vishvapani

“I have practised meditation and mindfulness since I was a teenager and taught mindfulness and meditation for 24 years. In recent years I have led over 60 mindfulness courses and worked with many people individually.

 I am an Associate Teacher with Breathworks Mindfulness, a leading UK mindfulness organisation, and studied MBSR/MBCT with the University of Bangor’s Centre for Mindfulness. I teach in many settings, and have particularly strong links with criminal justice, workplaces and healthcare.  

As well as teaching mindfulness I am a writer. I’ve been a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day since 2006. 

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