About Vishvapani Blomfield

Vishvapani is an experienced teacher of mindfulness, having led over 100 mindfulness courses over the last decade including 70 eight week courses. He started meditating when he was a teenager and taught meditation for many years in Buddhist settings before starting to offer secular mindfulness courses. He loves working with people through mindfulness and also sees people for 1:1 coaching and training.

His work as a mindfulness teacher takes him into many different fields. He teaches mindfulness in many organisations and workplaces and specialises in criminal justice settings. As an Associate of Breathworks Mindfulness (which specialises in mindfulness for people with chronic pain and illness), he offers training for healthcare professionals.

Writing & Broadcasting

Vishvapani is also a writer and broadcaster, best known for his contributions to BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day. His biography of Gautama Buddha was published in 2011 and he has often written for publications such as The Guardian and Tricycle: The Buddhist Review. A blog with much of Vishvapani’s writing is at www.wiseattention.com.


Vishvapani is interested in how mindfulness can change society. He was part of the editing team for The Mindful  Nation UK report produced by the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group in the UK Parliament. He’s an Associate of The Mindfulness Initiative and he Director of The Mindfulness Initiative in Wales. His Thought for the Day broadcasts have explores these issues from a Buddhist perspective. 

Digital & Technology

Vishvapani is one of the two teachers on the mindfulness apps Mindpilot and Quility. He is also a consultant for Opensit, a novel mindfulness app launching in December 2017, and one of its key teachers. 


Vishvapani is a Workforce Development Fellow at the University of Wales (Trinity St Davids). He has worked with leading business schools (London, Said and Cardiff), and senior management teams in the public and private sectors. He worked with staff in healthcare, business, prison and probation and many other sectors. 

Prison and Probation

Vishvapani is a leading figure in bringing mindfulness to mindfulness in prison and probation settings in the UK. He is currently working with Wales Probation Service on a Mindfulness in Probation programme and with Parc Prison on mindfulness programmes for staff and prisoners. All these programmes are Randomised Controlled Trials.

Vishvapani is registered with the UK Network of Mindfulness Teaching Organisations and follows their Good Practice Guidelines.

He lives in Cardiff with his wife and son and teaches regularly at the Cardiff Buddhist Centre. .