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Mindfulness can help staff and leaders keep healthy, even when things are stressful. It opens up ways to work more creatively, reflectively and harmoniously. That supports innovation and cohesion, benefiting the whole organisation.
Research shows that learning mindfulness skills brings many benefits:

  • Enhanced focus and attention
  • Increased self-awareness and increased mindfulness of others
  • Increased ability to handle stressful situations
  • Greater cognitive effectiveness and capacity for decision making
  • Stronger sense of purpose
  • Increased creativity

The Business Case

A new report from The Mindfulness Initiative, produced with help from leading employers such as Ernst & Young and The Cabinet Office makes a powerful business case for mindfulness in the workplace. It lays out the research that shows benefits to wellbeing and resilience, relationships, performance and leadership and outlines the options for implementing a mindfulness programme in your organisation.

Read more about the benefits of mindfulness for business leaders in The Harvard Business Review.

Workplace Mindfulness

Learnig skills to help staff manage stress and perform better. We offer:

Tasters of 30 – 90 minutes., depending on your needs. We’ll introduce mindfulness, practice meditation and  leave participants with a simple practice to apply in daily life. We also offer a drop-in format of one or more  30 minute sessions.

Mornings/Days/Two-Day Events A chance for staff to step out of their working environment, unwind, and  learn new skills and insights into their expoerience.

Courses A thorough introduction to mindfulness and meditation aimed at people with busy lives who want to operate differently at home and work. The optimum length is 8 sessions lasting 1.5 hours each, though we can also offer it in 4 and 6 week versions and with variable session lengths.

Leadership Training

This course teaches mindfulness skills that can help leaders  in the meet the challenges of the modern workplace.

  • Finding space and clarity in the face of multiple demands.
  • Decision-making with awareness.
  • Mindful Communication
  • Establishing a mindfulness practice

Day/Two-Day Events An excellent way for your leadership team to explore their challenges together 

Courses Mindful Leadership courses integrate leadership skills with a course structure based on Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World by Prof. Mark Williams and Danny Penman. The optimum length of a course is 8 sessions lasting 1.5 hours each, though we can also offer it in 4- and 6- week versions and with variable session times.

Bespoke Programmes

We work with organisations on specialised programmes, integrating our expertise with that of specialists where necessary. If you’re interested, lets talk.

  • Whole Service Programmes for staff and service users (we are developing a model for this with Wales Probation Service)
  • Mindful Organisation Programmes for organisational transformation

What We Offer

We offer coaching, tasters and courses and bespoke programmes, tailored to your needs in either English or Welsh. Our experience in working with a range of organisations helps us tailor mindfulness to the needs of individual organisations, whatever their size. Contact us to explore how we can work with you to bring mindfulness to your workplace.

Every organisation is different and mindfulness training in the workplace can meet many needs, so the training we offer is flexible. If you would like to explore how this might work for you, please Contact Us

Our Clients

Said Business School: teaching on the UK Civil Service Major Project Leadership Academy

Cardiff Business School: teaching on Executive Education Programme

London Business School: Teaching on the AT Kearney Programme

Cardiff MIND

Probation Wales/HM Prison & Probation Service Service: pioneering programmes for Offender Managers & offenders in the community Read More

Audit Wales

Aspiration Training Lid

Welsh Assembly Commission

Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales

Enterprise Rent-a-Car

HMP Parc courses for staff and prisoners Read More

Dept of Communities Building Safety Project

Royal Glamorgan Hospital; Venire Cancer Centre; Heath Hospital: training for cancer staff (with Breathworks)

Tactcare Adoption Service

Sport Wales

South Wales Adult Learning Difficulties Directorate

Cardiff & Vale Primary Care Counselling Service

Powys Public Services (Powys  Council, Welsh Ambulance Service & Dyfed Powys Police), in collaboration with Trinity St Davids

 … and many more

Our Team



Vishvapani is the Director of Mindfulness in Action. He has led over 100 mindfulness courses and worked with leading business schools and organisations in innovative programmes that integrate mindfulness with organisational change. He is an engaging speaker, writer and broadcaster, a Workforce Development Fellow at the University of Wales, and an Associate of Breathworks Mindfulness, The Mindfulness Initiative and the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group.

    Full Bio

Heather Fish

Heather Fish

Heather is a Work-based Learning Fellow at the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David where she has founded the Mindfulness in the Workplace Programme. Heather teaches the MBSR programme independently in Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire, and is also a writer and performance poet.



Kamalagita  is a Lecturer and Mentor in Work-based Learning at the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David where she teaches mindfulness in the workplace programmes along with Heather. She also heads our Education Programme and our Community Mindfulness Programme. She has been a film-maker, writer and teacher, and works in both Welsh and English.

“I am a mature student and have met many individuals from all walks of life and there are only a few who I believe can make difference in their chosen profession. Joanna is one of them.”

John, CEO of an Engineering Consultancy